Stacey Grav is the main contact for the rentals for Knox County Rentals. Stacey Grav can be reached at 812-396-8758 or emailed at rentals@knoxcountyrentals.com Richard Grav 812-396-8758 (for emergencies if you can’t reach Stacey. At our office location Monday thru Friday 9 am to 6 pm at 702 Old Wheatland Road Vincennes IN 47591
If you live in our 204 W 3rd Street Bicknell IN apartments, you can make rent payments to Terry Campbell in apartment #5 and he will provide a receipt for all rent payments. All other tenants can pay rent payments to at our office location at 702 Old Wheatland Road Vincennes IN 47591 Monday thru Friday 9 am to 6 pm or direct deposit into old national bank (making sure you put your name on the deposit slip because this is how we identify the transaction to you), or payments can be mailed to 1970 N HillCrest Road Vincennes IN 47591.
Work requests can be reported via phone, text, email, but we prefer a work order form be filled out to best understand the issue. There are work order forms that can be requested or picked up at our office location, attached to the bulletin board in apartments with lobby areas to complete so we can have a thorough report of the item needing to be looked into. You can turn these into Terry Campbell in Apartment # 5 at our Bicknell location, dropped off at our office at 702 Old Wheatland Road Vincennes IN or mail it to the owners Richard and Stacey Grav at 1970 N Hillcrest Road Vincennes IN 47591
Duke is the local electric company their number is 800-521-2232
After the initial term of the lease, will I need to renew for a year or will I be able to lease month to month?